About our project

Our volunteer run project based in Lichfield aims to help people become more confident about maintaining and repairing their own bike and provides used bikes on free long term loan for those who otherwise might not be able to afford to buy one. Skill sharing is a way of showing others how to do something and then hopefully they can do small repairs and adjustments to their own bikes, being confident enough to show their friends and family how to do it too. We are happy to give advice as well, in person or online.

We receive donations of used bikes and our volunteers work out of their own gardens, sheds or garages with their own tools to repair and service them ready for use again. We try to find the right home for the right bike. Our aim is for the project to be sustainable and cost neutral. We will accept donations or sell bikes or parts to try and cover the cost of materials used. If you would like to volunteer your time, are looking for a bike or want to donate something to the project please get in touch.

Details of what we have been doing can be found on the Lichwheeld website here.

Email us at: lichwheeld at hotmail dot co dot uk

or find us on Facebook here

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