Become a supporter

Since we lost our workshop facility, we have had to put our bikes and equipment into storage while we look for new premises to work from. This has meant we are spending around £100 a month more than we were before. To help protect our reserves and so we can bounce back stronger, we are asking our friends and supporters if they would like to set up a monthly donation to help us.

We appreciate there are lots of other organisations meeting the needs of the community at the moment that require support to keep going. Recently we have managed to source five bikes for critical workers to enable them to continue to work, when lift sharing has been prohibited due to social distancing.

Your support is appreciated and some of the benefits of becoming a supporter are listed on the image above. Whether its the chance to buy one of our branded messenger bags, or asking one of our volunteers to speak to your colleagues or employees about our work, or simply receiving a quarterly update about the work the charity has been doing.

For more information please contact us

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