Anti Social Cycling Club

Our latest ‘club’ is more of a movement. It’s for people who like to ride on their own. They probably like other people but just prefer to enjoy the thinking time, the nature, the wind and the freedom of riding by themselves.

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We organise group rides but this club is for those who go solo. We can be the host of the Lichfield chapter, but its members could be anywhere in the world. The only criteria to becoming a member is if you ride on your own, sometimes or all the time.

We are on Instagram if you would like to share your experience with us.

We also have a club on Strava.

Simon – “I ride my bike pretty much every day with few exceptions but I love the time alone when I take my 20 minutes daily exercise on one of your loan bikes! I could definitely do with learning how to maintain it more. It might also be good for me to join the rides you already have to break out of my comfort zone. Although a club of lone cyclists might be an easier place to start. Routes would be good. Also how to handle your self on the local roads some of the drivers seem to hate us!”

John – “I solo cycle because I often ride on the spur of the moment, when life doesn’t get in the way. I wouldn’t object to riding with others it’s just the logistics make it difficult.
It would be good to see recommended or suggested routes around the Lichfield area,and beyond. Heads up of people riding who might want company. Good cafes / watering holes.
Spares / parts / junk for sale, swap or exchange.”

George – “I ride to get better at riding not to carry on a conversation.”

David – “I ride solo. I ride primarily before the dawn. Last year I rode over 9,000 miles and save for a hundred miles or so, I rode by myself.”

Ken – “Sometimes it a spur of the moment thing. Sometimes going somewhere. Sometimes I’m not sure of when exactly I’m going. Sometimes just an explore. On road. Off road. Group. Solo. It’s nice just to be out.”

Lee-Anne – “I ride solo so that I don’t have to keep up with anyone…..but also my husband is disabled and riding is my me time. I don’t have to look after anyone or talk to anyone. I can please myself where and how long I go.”

Sophie – “I love riding solo and just stopping to chill /exploring as and when I please. I love the freedom and of cycling. But I also enjoy some social group cycling or with one other cycling buddy. Any ways I would not ever want to stop cycling solo.”

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